Evaluate Your Website - How to Begin - A Checklist

If you don't have a website yet, you should review some web basics.

  1. Make clear in your own mind the purpose of your website. Who are your visitors? What do you want your visitors to do? Buy something? Learn something? Do something?
  2. Look at websites similar to yours. What do you like about them? What are they doing that you'd like to do? What don't you like about them? Why is your website different from them? Why is your website necessary?
  3. Are you putting in roadblocks in front of your visitors? Anything confusing about your website? Any unanswered questions? Is every important page easily reached from the home page? Do your visitors know what your website offers?
  4. Does each element in your website - each link, each picture, each paragraph - contribute to your main purpose? That doesn't mean you can't use humor or share personal anecdotes, but everything you share forms an impression about your website. Put first things first, and most prominently.
  5. Constantly add value to your website. Check for broken links, clarify your statements, write more content every week.

Let us evaluate your website.