Free Website Review: The 140 Special

Even though we review websites for a living, we've been known to spend hours providing free samples of how to make websites more usable, accessible, functional and profitable.

Once again we're offering free website reviews, but this time we're trying to limit ourselves to very short comments. We even plan to start offering website reviews via Twitter, where messages are limited to 140 characters. Maybe that will keep us under control, while still showing you how we can help you. For now, if you send us some information about your website, we'll send you a quick response by email.

When you want more, try our Quick Look website review, where I take an eagle's-eye view of your website,, offering a constructive, impartial critique of how to improve its effectiveness. Later, if you like, I can perform a more in-depth Expert Evaluation website review.

Your personal information will be used only to mail your free website review back to you. I won't sell it, keep it, or reuse it for any other purpose.