How To Create An Effective Website

If you already have a website, begin with a quick website evaluation

  1. Decide what to say on your website and who you intend to say it to. Words are most important.
  2. Analyze your market. Pretend you're someone who needs to visit your website but doesn't know it yet. What keywords would that person search for? Search for those words to see what that person would find. How many web pages deal with that subject?
  3. Make sure that your titles and headings include those keywords, and that your paragraphs discuss those topics. If your website provides a valuable service to its visitors, other websites should want to link to it.
  4. Choose a domain name ( or, etc.). You can get one for less than $10 a year. We use Wholesome Domains to register our domains.
  5. Find a hosting company. A web host allows you to copy your web pages from a folder on your computer (such as c://My Documents/) to a folder on their computer. Then people can view your web pages when they type "" into their browser. If your web host provides email (most do so for free), it routes email to "" We provide website hosting for selected clients.
  6. Constantly add value to your website. Check for broken links, clarify your statements, write more content every week.

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