Website Improvements

With a professional website evaluation, it’s not hard to begin improving the effectiveness of your website.

  1. Looking at your pages the way a visitor would, I identify the most important strengths and weaknesses.
  2. I suggest the changes I would make to your website if it were my own.
  3. If you like, I can begin making those changes, or recommend someone who can.

A website makeover can make your website load faster, attract more visitors, and even look better. I’ve been able to multiply the popularity and effectiveness of my clients’ websites many times over.

Some web designs are still stuck in the ’90s. A maze of “tables” provides the structure, and each square of the grid has to be formatted separately. Using cascading style sheets, designers can separate the design (the stylesheet) from the content (on the web page). Once that’s done, you could update your content without having to update the design. Even design changes become easier, because it will no longer be necessary to change each page (or each section) individually.