Expert Website Reviews

The Expert Evaluation will look at the following areas, depending on your needs:

  • Compares your website with competing and similar websites: where visitors go when they’re not visiting your site.
  • Reviews the graphic design of your website, checking for that timeless (or at least, contemporary) look. Even in the brief history of the World Wide Web, styles, fashions and technologies have changed.
  • Tests your navigation and/or shopping cart for any confusing steps that keep visitors from doing what you what them to do. (I can’t make actual purchases, of course).
  • Checks your website for errors in the HTML code that makes it work.
  • Checks for broken links, both within your site as well as your links to the rest of the Web.
  • Manually looks for any errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation (I don’t just run your site through an automated spell-checker).
  • Compares how your website looks in all the major browsers, and makes sure it looks good in all of them.
  • Checks how your major pages look at various screen sizes, including mobile devices.
  • Makes suggestions on speeding up your site, some that even top websites haven’t gotten around to implementing. Potentially your website could be twice as fast as it is now. Let’s see if we can make it so.

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